Edge Hair Design and Spa Interior

The Level System

Ensuring Top-Notch Services

At Edge, every staff member – from hair stylist, to aesthetician, to support staff – works on a performance-based level system. This system is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides motivation for growth and an elevated career path for our team. Second, our level system creates options for your needs as a customer, as guests are welcome to choose the level of employee that best suits their budget and needs.

One common misconception is that an employee’s level of creativity and competency is directly related to their years of experience. This isn’t the case in our salon.  Instead, our service providers are able to achieve promotions based on their performance, education, and guest satisfaction/retention. Our training at Edge Hair Design & Spa is in-depth, innovative and aggressive, ensuring our guests top-notch service providers that consistently exceed expectations.

Once an employee obtains a high level within our tiered system, she or he becomes and educator and begins working with an associate. This allows them to train our newest talent. It also is a great benefit to our clients because it means our staff can be more accommodating by having a second set of hands available. Working so closely on a peer level also enables our senior staff members to model our unique business standards to our newest members, providing a consistent experience to our guests.